We are a group of musicians committed to the development of artistic and audiovisual projects. We offer our experience in every step of the musical creation process.

At CoMusik the visions and talents of musicians from different countries come together, providing new ideas for each project.

We propose a new  way of interaction among audiovisual producers, performers, and musicians through a platform which promotes not only the  exchange of ideas, but also​ compelling creation.

Bertha Elena Artero Ponce

Composer and Manager. She gathers the ideas and opinions of the group to lead them towards the creative result. She focuses on the pursuit for an authentic and versatile musical language.

Daniel Bravo Torres

Composer specialized in contemporary music with a wide range of styles in the audiovisual and theatre genres. His main purpose is the sound construction to reinforce the significance of the image poetry and mix media.

Lluvia Bustos Soria

​Her experience as a composer and producer, plus her passion about new technologies in music creation and audio reconstruction, encourages her to work on the influence and relationship between music, sound and image.


🇧🇴 Bertha Elena Artero Ponce (1980, Cochabamba - Bolivia)

Graduated in Music from the Universidad Católica Boliviana (2004), master in music composition from the Universidad Simón Bolivar Venezuela (2015) and member of the Composition Class from Prof. Alberto Villalpando (Bolivia) and Prof. Juan Carlos Núñez (Venezuela). With her academical studies, she acquired abilities to support and set up a variety of projects.

Her works have been premiered in different festivals and international workshops:
Taller VocaalLab, Madrid (2009), the Festival VozeArte, Valencia (2012) and the 1st Meeting of young composers and performers VENEZUELA AD LIBITUM, Caracas (2015).

In the Jornadas de Música Contemporánea organized by ABAICAM, several of her works have been played, among them the Sonata for piano (2012) by the pianist Walter Ponce and the String Quartet "El Camino" (2016) by the String Quartet UNTREF of Buenos Aires.

She currently lives in Germany where she is studying a master’s degree in Film Music with Professor Cornelius Schwehr at the Freiburg University of Music.

With the students of the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (KHM), as a part of a collaborative team, she has set the music for the following projects:

“A Hard Working Man” Alexander Schwarz/ Alexander Scheifler/ Philipp Künzli (2018).

“A los Cuatro Vientos” Marcela Vanegas Cardenas/ Nikola Pejcic (2019).

“Paradies“ Immanuel Esser/ Matthias Sahli/ Angelo Wemmje (2020).

“Der Mann mit der Kamera“ Dziga Vertov (1929).

🇻🇪 Daniel Bravo Torres

Began his music studies at the Jose Angel Lamas Music School, in piano, chamber music and composition. He graduated from the National Experimental University of Arts with a degree in Music, with a focus on education. He studied composition with Diana Arismendi at Simón Bolivar University (2014 to 2016), where he also teach Music Fundamentals and XX century music. In addition he has been part of the Antonio Estevez Latin American Chair of Composition with Prof. Juan Carlos Núñez.

His premiered works include: Obra para barítono y piano (Music for Baritone and Piano), La noche y la luz (Night and Light) (a poem by Hanni Ossott), Obra serial para violín y piano (Serial Music for Violin and Piano); Amoa for piccolo and flute, premiered at the Fedora Aleman Hall at the Social Service Center for music and reinterpreted at the International Festival of Flute and Piccolo, at the 2014 Latin American Music Festival, in the Contemporary Caracas Festival; and Iwariwë el dueño del fuego (Iwariwë the owner of fire) a symphonic work premiered at the Jose Feliz Ribas Hall at the Teresa Carreño Theater for the Second Venezuelan Conference for Composers. He was the musical composer in the theatre play Pica Pica.



🇧🇴 Lluvia Bustos Soria

Bachelor of Music Arts at the Universidad Católica Boliviana (2004); Master of Arts in Musical Composition, Theory of Cinema and Film, Television and Audiovisual Media Music at Beijing Film Academy (2009); graduated 2018 in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz (Bolivia).

She was commissioned works: from Native Instruments Orchestra (OEIN); from the Cultural Center Simon I. Patiño; for the PRO ESCENA Music Festival of the Cultural Center of Spain in the city of La Paz - Bolivia (CCELP - AECID).

In Beijing - China she worked on the soundtrack of various short films selected to represent the Beijing Youth Studio at international film festivals. In January 2009 produced the soundtrack of "Munian De Kunhuo" (complex and baffling old age) in partnership with the Beijing Drama Academy and the Institute of Mental Health in Beijing.

She also did the audio post production of the documentary "EL CORRAL Y EL VIENTO” (Wind and barnyard) (2014) by Miguel Hilari and she was in charge of different projects, including: “Project for cataloging, preservation and recovery of film material from the MUSEF archive"; "Digitalization and editing of Analog Cassettes from the Sound Documents Fund (MUSEF)"; the production and set up of the First Bolivian Tiflo-cinema Mini-festival "Francesco Díaz Mariscal"; "Arrangement of Bolivian Cinema to Audesc Audio description and Close Caption", produced in partnership with SCAT in Bolivia; the project "The Color of Imagination", Bolivian short tales to audiobook, made in partnership with CCELP, Casa Mágica and SCAT.